Advantages of Owning a Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum

Cleaning the entire house is a huge task, and if the house is a big one, you may end up spending several hours in cleaning it. Even with traditional vacuum cleaners, the time needed for a thorough cleaning is quite a lot – something that’s not often possible in the present times. That’s why the robot vacuums were introduced in the market, and indeed, they offer a number of advantages over self-cleaning with traditional vacuums or even hiring a maid. Let’s take a look at its several benefits:

  • Saves effort – Being totally automatic, it requires very minimum or no human effort. With advanced mapping and avoidance technology, it can easily roam about wherever you want it to go and continue cleaning on its path. You do not have to direct it, carry it or even recharge it yourself. It can do everything all by itself once you have programmed it.
  • Saves time – Since you do not need to handle the vacuum yourself, these robot vacuums can save a lot of time. You can turn it on and get busy with your work. It will clean according to schedule and instructions and return to its charging center once done. You can also program it to start by itself at a particular time every day.
  • Saves money – Unless you do all the hard work all by yourself, you will find yourself spending several hundred dollars monthly for a maid to do the cleaning. But a robot vacuum is a one-time investment and you can reap the benefits for many months to come.
  • Saves energy – The proper selection of the model will also go a long way in reducing electricity use. These robot vacuums use very less energy as compared to the traditional ones and you can observe a drop in the electricity bills.
  • Good for different floor types – If you choose the right model, your robot vacuum will be able to scrub all types of floor that you want – carpeted, hardwood or a mix of both. No worries about the type(s) of flooring that you have. Everything will be scrubbed clean.
  • Good for corners – If you often find it difficult to clean the far corners of your room, areas below heavy furniture or household appliances such as refrigerators, etc., robot vacuums can help you get out of that tricky spot. They are small and compact and can reach almost all hard-to-reach places that often remain unclean.
  • Less noise generation – The use of advanced technology in the robot vacuums ensure that they generate much less noise as compared to the traditional ones. Robot vacuums generate about 50-60 dB of noise while traditional ones generate about 80-90 dB. Naturally, they are a relief to the ears.
  • Easy to store – Unlike traditional cleaners that have several parts and are quite big in size, the robot vacuums are very small in size and thus can be stored practically anywhere. No waste of space or problem in storing them away when they are not in use.
  • Easy maintenance – When properly used, these vacuums can last you several years. The maintenance requirement is very less, thus saving you from unnecessary hassles.

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