What is Stem Mop? Pros and Cons


What is a steam mop? “You’re a woman, not a maid” – constantly remind us with billboards and TV screens manufacturers of all kinds of gadgets to make life easier for modern housewives. And we have to admit that their task they cope perfectly well, having saved us once the need to wash and wash dishes by hand, do wet cleaning of the house and even ironing wrinkled things. Here and now we are waiting for another technical novelty in the face of the steam mop.

What is a steam mop?

image0018Near and far away from the classic design and configuration of its “ancestor” steam mop nevertheless is a multifunctional appliance weighing less than 3 kg, which runs from the power supply to the power consumption of about 5 kW / hour. To put it concretely, this triangular turntable, fixed to a long or a height-adjustable handle.

What, first of all, it allows to penetrate even the most remote and inaccessible corners of the house, which is particularly difficult to clean up the mess.

And secondly, it makes cleaning easy and comfortable as possible without causing
Ultimately discomfort and pain in the lumbar region, which inevitably arise after a long sloping work. This also contributes to the presence of complete steam mop set of several kinds of special removable nozzles, each of which makes available gentle and safe cleaning of virtually any existing floor covering from the wooden flooring and finishing with ceramic tiles, with minimal time and effort (with the exception except that of wax and vinyl coating, which under the influence of heat treatment is likely deformed).

Yes, now, if you believe the manufacturers request, rusty bucket and dirty rags can safely leave in the pre-revolutionary past. As the basis for the action of the miracle-mechanism, as you might have guessed in time, the principle of a conventional steam cleaner. In a small tank (usually 500 ml) is poured ordinary running water, which subsequently is rapidly heated to a temperature of 100 ° C, i.e. to the boiling temperature, forming a hot steam. In fact, emissions of the latter through the holes at the bottom of the nozzle, and provide high-quality cleansing process, and also ensure the elimination of odors and disinfection of the treated surface, leaving no dust mites and bacteria no chance to survive. Thus in his work a steam mop does not require additional use of any detergents or chemicals, relying solely on their control of steam temperature, which allows you to adjust the level of power and intensity, depending on the complexity of the task. So, cleaning the apartment becomes the most ecological and absolutely harmless procedure for both you and your household, and the environment in general. By the way, the vast majority of the models of the new generation steam generator freely detached from the top of the squeegee.

normThus, the flick of the wrist, he turns into a versatile portable steam sterilizer, with which you will be able to get rid of stains and harmful microbes almost throughout the apartment (in the stove, the microwave, the windows, carpets, drapes, fur clothing, children’s toys and etc.) and even beyond (e.g., in the cabin of your car). Benefits of steam mop So now you have a general idea of what kind of beast is this, steam mop, and how it works. However, in order to make your opinion about it has developed into a complete picture, which ultimately would help you to solve the question of the necessity of such a purchase, we offer you once again briefly indicate its undeniable advantages over the more traditional mop:

The versatility and flexibility; Ease of operation and a high level of maneuverability; Environmentally friendly cleaning without the use of chemicals; Elimination of unpleasant odors and 100% control of mites and harmful microorganisms; Significant savings on the family budget due to lack of water consumption and the need for auxiliary detergents; Removing dirt from almost any type of surface, even in the most inaccessible places, without leaving any streaks and spots; Present regulator steam temperature allows you to fight against pollution of any complexity; Modern design. And what we have in the end? Is Steam Mop – is an indispensable tool to restore order and maintain a sterile cleanliness in the house, as we were desperate to convince the producers? Of course, the simple answer to this question is quite difficult. Since even testimonials from those who have already experience all the miraculous properties of the machine, very, very controversial.

Reviews of Steam Mop

31mchguhlqlIn particular, some ladies excitedly sing loud praises high efficiency and at the same time simple to use steam device. Others, however – on the contrary, complain that the quality of the removal of dirt, as they say, leaves much to be desired. Not to mention the fact that the steam mop is hard to bear because of its impressive size and leaking holes for the steam in some nozzles and does constantly poured floor with water. Although the protection of the appliance is still necessary to say that, in practice, the angry responses more often leave people who are “lucky” to buy initially faulty goods or just cheap Chinese fake. It turns out that, to make definitive conclusions, considering all possibilities steam mop or finding in it a lot of shortcomings, can only be their own experience, which, unfortunately, is not always positive ..

Information source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steam_mop

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