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SleepIt cushions the plan treated with skepticism, particularly after the salons sales consultants are very intrusive offered to test it in action. The price tag she was too daunting, about $ 150 (by the way the two pillows are more expensive than the existing mattress).

In general, buy the pillow did not in my plans, if not for one case. Coincidentally, I had problems with the neck, persistent pain, worsened sleep. Opportunities to wear orthopedic “collar” is not the whole day. And at a party offered to lie on such a cushion, very praising her. This time the offer I did not refuse, and the effect has amazed me. Headache after a few minutes passed, here and so easy. I had orthopedic pillow, latex, but it never such an effect is not provided. Since then, and I decided to look at it and buy.

Inside, the sellers will help you make the right choice, t. To. Like several varieties of pillows. Such as coal or without insert. Long could not decide which is better to take – with or without an insert. She strongly felt, in the thick pillows and thin already felt support after a couple of minutes. They also differ in height (S, M, L). The store has a booth prompted some cushion fit for your height and shoulder width. It is also important in what position you sleep more often – on the back or side. And the stiffness of the mattress also plays a role. Choose is from what, great, except that the tips have the ability to test each sample, no one hurries and no wings. Choose your pleasure.

You should pay attention to the action. Sometimes 30% discount, and there are such shares, the purchase immediately 2 pcs discount on first and second, and so on. N.

Pillow is packed in a cardboard box. Unfortunately it is not on a lot of information as we would like. Also included is any package or case of the nonwoven fabric (depending on the batch).
The very small pillow has a specific smell, but it gradually disappears.
By weight it tyazhelenkaya, moderately soft (no oak).
The material is interesting, if you press the hand, the track stays on for a while.
The cooling effect seems to be there, but quite small. The head does not sweat.
It is also very convenient that there is a protective case with a size marking. It can be removed and washed (it is zip), and the very air the pillow (only that it is not exposed to direct sunlight). This procedure is advised to make every month.

Dimensions have a pillow is not quite standard. But pillowcases from Ikea is more or less suited to them.
Sleep on it I really liked it. The effect was felt immediately. But the first time you need to get used to it. Problems with the neck after the first night did not leave, but surely in decline. I gradually forgot about them and the dream has become an order of magnitude better.

I recommend this pillow to those who suffer the same problems. And if everything is in order, it seems to me, and is not required.


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