Fast Diet Weight Loss Smoothie: Lose 20 lbs in 20 Days

some banana

Hi Eva in a πŸ™‚

Your certified nutritional consultant summer is right around the corner and that means swimsuit and wedding season that also means that a lot of people want to lose the weight.

Really fast now speaking of ass the fast diet:

is all the rage right now and it entailed restricting calories for two days a week keeping I’m really low and I had a number of plants who have wanted to give this diet right and actually make had great success and one I have the approaches that I like to take. If I starting him out with more needs movie that has at least 30 grams of protein yet is very low in calories.

some banana So today we’re I’m gonna talk you through that’s money that I have recommended for my clients and and talk to you about some variations. That may work for you to get 250 calories smoothie. We’re gonna start with twenty grams of whey protein powder, Β today we’re using chocolate, they were getting you some banana now what we wanna look for with our banana. Some green at the ends this means that our banana guess not too high in sugar differ toast is lower in bananas with some green at the ends.


 cottage cheeseNow cottage cheese is a wonderful ingredient to add and we want to make sure to get the full facts kind for a couple reasons the first reason is to keep you fall for a longer amount of time because whey protein powder he is quickly digested in the body and you’ll feel very hungry. Within half an hour to so that is out one great reason why you want to add this cottage cheese.

The second reason he is because when you have I any meal that is very high in protein without

any fat it rapidly deplete the vitamin a store is in the body.

And last but not least we’re gonna add this peanut butter powder death ads a lot a flavor and people just love it because I have the flavor combination with a banana and chocolate.

Let’s plan that win at everything to my Vitamix and of course we need some ice and water

but wanted the things I love about the smoothies is they are such a quick breakfast you can take them with you fundido.


p.s. Since you have diabetes you should not fast. If you’d just like to try this shake then if substitute avocado (1/4-1/2) for the banana to keep sugar content to a minimum.


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